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Toni Turi Playing a Guitar“I had the privilege to listen to him live…a great artist and a modern music. I admire you” – Tatiana Si Gicu Danila, Romania 

“The song Una Favola kept coming into my mind while writing my damned exam” – Andrew Ivashka, Russia

“I can’t stop listening to this song Una Favola !!!!!”  – Eugene Rudenko, Russia

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Toni Turi has established himself as a mainstream contemporary pop rock architect, designing music that’s deceptively addictive but, if caught at the right moment, shimmeringly beautiful, to the point you could focus on it for hours. He is nearing the end of a restless five years’ journey, one that found him cycling through a handful of disparate creative approaches without ever losing much of his commercial appeal. In a nutshell, if you are a fan of legendary bands such as Coldplay, Maroon 5 or U2 and others like them, Toni Turi is a must for your collection.

With each subsequent album he shifted towards a more anthemic pop rock sound tossing into the mix all of the styles of his past, from urban latin to dance music. Toni’s music pairs punchy lyrics depicting his own life challenges with sounds that are pushing detours into shoegaze, contemporary electro-pop rock & glittering acoustic guitar crescendos. Nearly every song is about ascension and transcendence whilst sketching blinding sheen and radiant optimism.

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