Emerging Songwriter Toni Turi Joins Forces With Renowned Cuban Rapper Yoel Villegas Martinez To Launch A Killer Latin Urban Remix “Solo A Ti”



Madrid, Spain — May 22, 2018 — “Fighter Pilots Attitude” Is The Best Way To Describe The Limitless Energy And Highly Addictive Dance Music Innovation Produced By Toni Turi And Virtuoso Rapper Yoel Villegas Martinez. With Such A Style And Ability To Inspire New Audiences Reminiscent Of The Way Pit Bull And Marc Anthony Exploded From Their Latest Latin Urban Music Generation, They Have Created An Entirely New Musical Genre!

Toni Turi had no idea what he was getting himself into when he left behind his traditional pop rock music genre last year to team up with Yoel Villegas Martinez, a struggling rapper, and ex-lead singer of the famous Mexican band Santa Fe’.

They had no record deal or name recognition at the time of meeting in Madrid, but when you fill a room full of extreme music sophisticated talents like Toni and Yoel, it became plain clear that this dynamic duo, working under the banner of the Sonobox recording studio in Madrid, headed by the renowned art producer Javier Carretero, held the right skills capable to create a vortex of synergy which fuelled a refreshing chapter in the world of urban Latin music with new flair and fresh faces.

When Toni Turi glides across the video clip “Solo A Ti” with a truly sparkling choreography, a dazzling cascade of rhythmic and catchy melodies begin to rush forth spraying the atmosphere like the mist from a waterfall. “Las Calles Del Mundo,” is the name of his latest CD in Spanish, a fluid tapestry of 11 luscious Latin songs that pour sweet liquid libations for the soul.

With nine new tracks and two unique modern interpretations of classical Neapolitan songs, Toni emerges on the music scene as a remarkable songwriter. The inspirational solo performance on the CD transcends a clearly Latin pop-rock genre, which then evolves into a tasteful Latin urban rap with the video clip.

Yoel Villegas Martinez “Young fans are going to love the intelligent lyrics and explosive music of this remix this summer, I have no doubts following my former artistic experience in Mexico a few years ago“, Toni Turi “ I must admit teenagers go nuts for Yoel’s white boy dancing in this video clip and his rapper’s world-class performance. They are captured by his innocently hilarious humor and crazy, wild fun! Even senior citizens are blown away by our creativity and artistry.”

It’s that kind of response that has allowed Toni to spread his popularity like wildfire and build a loyal following of fans with no musical contacts and barely a trickle of press attention. “After all why do we need to have all the right qualifications to pursue our dreams?” Toni asks.

Make no mistake. Toni Turi has qualifications to become a modern Latin musical icon, an accomplished songwriter, producer, and performer in his own right, Toni has two acclaimed CD’s to his credit, “Balkadisha” and “Las Calles Del Mundo”. His first song “Amo Te” made waves in Central Asia when it was first released, while his smash remix “Una Favola” achieved Bullet status on Youtube. In addition to his amazingly improved image, he is often heralded for his amazing range, searing vocal ability and emotions transferring delivery.

Combine that with Yoel’s wide range of musical talent, dance moves and the ability to touch the heart of any crowd, and you get two performers who have only begun to scratch the surface of their unstoppable artistic potential.

Toni & Yoel. The most original combination of socially poignant lyrics and raw, unleashed catchy melodies since Enrique Iglesias rambled his way into the hearts and souls of a transforming young generation. The pairing of engineer-turned-singer Toni Turi and virtuoso rapper Yoel Villegas Martinez has created an entirely new generation of urban Latin songs made to leave a never-fading footprint in modern history.

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+34 617 062554
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