Brief Autobiography

Toni Turi Was Born In Taranto, Apulia, One Of Italy’s Southern Regions On The 27th March 1968, Since The Tender Age Of Six Years He Began A Football Career In The Amateur Divisions And Thereafter He Achieved A Higher National Diploma As An Electrical Industrial Engineer. At the Age Of 19 He Decides To Leave Italy Following His Diploma At The College Pacinotti, And He Decides To Go Abroad To Study And Work As He Understood That Italy Help No Exciting Future For Young people, He Refused Permanent Job Offers From SIP (Former Italian Telecommunication Company) And Enel (Current Italian Power Supply Company) Because He Sees No Horizons.

He Already Wants To Go Global By That Time, Since Those Days He Realized That Sooner Or Later The World Would Be Globalized. At The Time, He Had A Passion For Music But Having Started His Engineering Studies, He Also Had Hopes To Play Professional Football, This Regrettably Never Happened.

He Graduated In Mechanical Engineering In London Exclusively At His Own Expense, Then Once He Became Registered As An Associate Engineer At The Institute Of Mechanical Engineers In London He Began To Travel Around The World On Industrial Plants Working And Living In Countries Like Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Algeria, Spain, Kazakhstan, Oman, Mexico, Singapore And Even Italy With Total And Glaxo Smith Kline.

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Artistic Background

I Have Published My First Music Video On YouTube Last Year, It Is Called ‘Amo Te (I love you)’, I recorded the single In Atyrau, Kazakhstan And Is Proving To Be A Total Success.
The Song Is Totally New And Unique, It Has Been Composed In Italian And Kazakh, Now This Song Is part of my new album Bakadisha.

Since 2013 Several Regional And National Newspapers Have Published Articles And Interviews About My Life, And The National Newspaper La Repubblica Has Dedicated A Video On My Musical Success Through Their Website [REPUBBLICA TV], Had 20,000 Visits In 12 Hours During The First Day Of Publication.

Several Times I Have Been Invited To Go On TelevisiOn And In National Radio Of Kazakhstan.
My Passion For Music Began In 2008 When I Was Working For The French Oil Company Total In Rome.

When I was In Rome I was Going To A Friend’s House Who Was Drummer And Dedicated A Few Hours To Rehearse, During That Period We Organized Corporate Parties Of Business, So Then I Was Always Singing, People Were Telling Me That I Had A Very Pleasant Voice, And I Felt Very Flattered.

In 2010, When I Went To Work To Kazakhstan I Saw That All The Nightclubs Had A Stage For Live Music, Then I Realized That They Loved Latin Music, And Listening To Singers Like, Albano and Romina, Toto Cutugno, Riccardo Fogli, Ricchi e Poveri, Julio Iglesias.

When People Realized That I Was Italian They Asked Me If I Could Sing Neapolitan Songs, Later I Met A Great Musician Named Muslim. He Knew Our Songs, And Accompanied Me In Small Live Performances Through All Atyrau. Muslim Has Magical Qualities For Playing Any Instrument.

Local Music Was A Faithful Copy Of The Neapolitan Music, During The Summer Of 2012 I Had The Pleasure Of Getting To Know The Mythical Son Pascal In A Coastal Town Called Aktau, A Young Italian Musician Of Salerno. He Became Very Famous In The Television Program Pascalistan DJ, He Helped Me In Almaty, And Offered As A Production Manager In A Recording Studio When I Recorded The Song Dicitencello Vuje Remixed In March Of 2013.

During 2013 My Passion For Music Had Grown, Thanks To These Events And The Advice Of The Great Musician Muslim Who Recommended Getting Singing Classes Because I Had A Very Good Voice. So I Began Going To Vocal Classes In The Musical Academy Of Atyrau, 3 To 4 Times A Week.

In Almaty I Met A Very Great Musician, Augusto AmiCucci Who Had Arrived In Kazakhstan In November 2012, He Sings In An Italian Restaurant Of luxury And Allowed Me Sing Several Times There. Augusto Inter Alia Is working With Rosa Rymbalayeva, The Number 1 In Kazakhstan, Together Will Sing The Version Of “Cu Me” A Famous Song Of Roberto Murolo And Mia Martini.

For Me It Is A Great Pride To Learn From These Fantastic Musicians, Augusto Suggested To Compose A New Song And Then ‘Amo Te (I Love You)’ Was Born. A Song Appropriate For The Musical Taste Of Kazakhstan. After 3 Months Between The Auditions And The Arrangements For Making The Incision I Decided To Make This Super Video Clip, Now The Newspapers, Television And Radio Are Increasing Their Interest In This Unique Piece And Melodic, Now I Am Learning How To Write Texts And Music To Propose New Melodies In The Near Future.

I Get A Lot Of Inspiration From Franco Califano, A Great Italian Singer That Has Been A Teacher Of Life For Me, And A Musical Idol In All Aspects. I Decided To Sing In Italian Because It gives Me An Opportunity To Be Close To My Country Of Origin. In Many Places In The World They Love Our Music And My Next Objective Will Be To Expand My Success In All The Former Soviet Country, Russia And Also In Western Europe.

In January 2015 I’ve Managed To Publish My First Album Balkadisha Which Is The Exciting Start Of This Amazing Adventure That I’ve Taken In Music Scene. As A Result, When I Went To Sanremo DOC In February 2015 As A Special Guest And Also As A Showman I Was Delighted To Learn That I Had Won A Special Price For My Artistic Achievements, Yet I Was Even More Surprised To Learn That I Was Given The Title Of Ambassador Of The Italian Art Of The World For Sanremo DOC. One Of My Songs ‘Parte Di Me’ Was Selected To Be Included Into The Sanremo DOC 2015 Album Compilation.

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